Bordeaux has an international airport, but if you come by plane, you are most likely to go through Paris, Amsterdam or London. If you change planes in Paris, try to avoid flights that force you to change between the airports of Charles-de-Gaulle (the major international hub of Paris) and Orly (where most national flights depart); it is a major hassle and requires at least three hours to go with luggage from one to the other and check in again. To go from Bordeaux airport to the city centre, you can either take the city bus number 1 right outside the airport; or take the bus number 1 and change at the stop Lycées de Mérignac into the tram A, direction La Gardette/Bassens/Carbon Blanc or Floirac/Dravemont (which is a little bit faster); or take the more expensive Navette shuttle bus to Place Gambetta or the train station.

Bordeaux is linked by high-speed trains to the Montparnasse station in Paris; the trip takes a bit over 3 hours. Bordeaux main station is called Saint-Jean.

For more information on local transport, see TBC; you may pick up physical plans in the train station, or consult a dynamic map or the network maps online. The city bikes are a convenient and inexpensive way of getting around town; subscribe for a day or a week, pick up a bike in any location, and return it at most half an hour later in any other station. The tourist office provides more local information.

The conference and the summer school take place on the science campus of the University of Bordeaux, about 15 minutes by tram from the city centre of Bordeaux, line B towards Pessac, stop Forum. From there, follow the tram line a bit further until to your right you see the big green iron gate to the campus.

The conference takes place in the main lecture hall at the ground floor of the Informatics building A30. The summer school takes place in the lecture hall of the Mathematics building A33.

The following map shows the lecture halls and the eateries in the neighbourhood.